Friday, 31 August 2012

Running - A great solitary or group activity!

Hey everyone,

During the summer months, we often find it hard to fit running into our workout schedule, given the long hot days.  With an early work day, there is not much time to run in the morning and it is often scorching hot in the afternoons. 

Today, however, I took advantage of a beautiful (and cool) summer day to put on my running shoes when I arrived home from work and headed outside...

Currently, Alex is training for a charity run and thus has been fitting in some extra sessions with his running partner.  Feeling a bit lazy (since he has been running more than me!) I ventured out on my own this afternoon.  I incorporated a combination of steady-state jogging, interval sprints and walks.  By adding in the intervals, you will really spike your heart rate and burn more fat!

Although running with a partner is great motivation, it is also a nice activity to do on your own.  All you need is a route and some great music to inspire you! Plan your route ahead of time and try to fit in a number of intervals (I aim for 10-15 sprints, of 50-100 metres).

With the fall months now approaching, this a great time to enjoy the outdoors!  So strap on your running shoes and head outside - no excuses!


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