About Us

Welcome to CoupleFit!

This blog is dedicated to our fitness journey together, as a couple. We are hoping to inspire and educate our community in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, through sharing our thoughts, workouts and tutorials.  In particular, we will write about fitness, proper nutrition, and optimizing your fertility and pregnancy outcomes through a healthy lifestyle. 

We began training together at a large gym, but found it challenging to combine our fitness routines, achieve our goals, and maintain the consistency needed for optimal progress.  In 2010, we discovered kettlebells and incorporated them into our fitness journey.  With kettlebells, we began working out at home together, quickly realizing the benefits of supporting each other in striving for our fitness goals.  Having a supportive partner helps with motivation before and during the workout, while having the equipment at home eliminates logistical hassles and the excuse that we don’t have enough time to make it to the gym (when we are already there!).  With the evolution of our training, we have added further weightlifting equipment to our basement, to allow more versatility in our fitness program.  We are making great gains and loving every moment of our workouts together!

About Tannys

I became involved in sports at an early age, participating in gymnastics, trampoline and volleyball.  Although my competitive sports journey ended with the start of university, I remained active with running, yoga, and working out at the gym.  I currently work as a physician at the Ottawa Fertility Centre (www.conceive.ca), where I specialize in helping couples with fertility issues. I find it very rewarding to help couples who are trying to achieve their dream of having a baby.  With CoupleFit, I am hoping to inspire and educate people, especially those trying to conceive, to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle before, during and after a pregnancy. 

About Alex

After an active childhood, I maintained my interest in fitness, including physical training before and during my time in the Canadian Forces Reserves and as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Northern Alberta.  I have been involved with weightlifting for over 15 years.  At the outset, I learned from peers and more seasoned weightlifters, before eventually beginning to coach and train friends and colleagues.  I remain committed to lifelong learning and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. With CoupleFit, I hope to inspire others to start or advance their fitness journey, as part of a lifelong quest to be healthy, active and fit.