Tutorials and Demonstrations

As CoupleFit evolves, we will be posting tutorials of various exercises that we use in our workouts.  They are stored under "Categories" on the right-hand side of the blog page.  Where possible, we will include photos and/or video to demonstrate the various components of the exercise.  We also maintain a CoupleFit Youtube channel, where you can go to see exercise demonstrations (i.e. video of us doing a few reps of select exercises).

We recommend that you start out using a light weight (or even no weight at first) until you are comfortable and familiar with the movement, before increasing the weight to challenge yourself.  If you are unsure of a movement or struggling with it, stop and seek help.  It is best to use good form on your exercises and avoid injuries, which can really derail your training.

If you are interested in certain exercises but we have not yet posted a tutorial or demonstration video on them, please let us know and we will try to develop a tutorial to explain the movement.