Thursday, 26 September 2013

Running With Makoto

Hey everyone,

In a few weeks, Alex will participate in the annual government charity (GCWCC) 5km run.  To prepare for this, we have started to do a weekly 5km run.  Although Alex's goal isn't to run with a fast time (~25 minute pace estimated), he wants to be comfortable during the run.

Since we have a dog (Makoto; or Mak, for short), we wanted to include him in our training.  He normally gets daily walks of 5-10km.  Thus, we weren't worried about the distance, although we weren't sure if he would be able to maintain the pace...


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Training for Strongfirst & a New Upper-Body Workout

Hey everyone,

We haven't been posting very frequently over the last few months (sorry!), but we have at least been consistent with our own fitness.  We have been doing, on average, four workouts a week, as well as some swimming, yoga, and long walks with our dog.

We have also started training for the Strongfirst kettlebell instructor certification (, which is a challenging 3-day course.  There are strict requirements for your fitness level, technique, and coaching ability.  Attitude and 'grit' is also important, since it is essentially a 3-day-long workout, with the testing performed on the final day.