Monday, 6 August 2012

Another 5-Minute Workout!

Hey everyone,

Some days it is tough to find the time to workout.  On other days, even when you have the time, you may not have the motivation or energy for a full-length workout.  For these occasions, we encourage you to try to fit in a 5-minute workout.  This isn't a path to ultimate fitness (there's only so much you can realistically accomplish in 5 minutes!), but it is certainly a step in the direction towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

In this 5-minute bodyweight beginner workout, we focus on 3 exercises (burpees, doorway pulls, and side planks).  You perform these exercises consecutively, without rest, for 5 minutes.  If you want to increase the intensity, move at a fast pace and push yourself to perform as many reps as possible before immediately switching to the next exercise.  If you are just starting off, take your time and focus on performing the exercises with proper, careful form.

Give this 5-minute workout a try and let us know what you think!

- Tannys & Alex

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  1. Here's another request for you!
    I've just joined a gym. I'd like to work out with the free weights instead of the machines, but I can't afford to have a personal trainer show me which exercises I should be doing. I'm looking for a series of free weight excercises, that work out both upper and lower body, that I can do by myself at the gym. A demo of the exercise would be great and (while I'm being greedy!) a list of the excercises that I could print out and bring with me to the gym would be great! Thanks again!