Saturday, 4 August 2012

Long Weekend Workout!

Hey everyone,

When we arrived home from work on Friday, we were both exhausted from a long week and really not very motivated to exercise.  Despite this, we decided to push ourselves and do a lower body workout.

We decided to complete a circuit workout. As a quick reminder, circuit-style workouts consist of several different exercises (we chose six exercises here) that are completed consecutively. Once you complete all exercises once, you take a rest period.  Then you can repeat for as many circuits as you wish (we completed 3 in total).

Here is what we did:
  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. One-leg Hip Bridges
  3. Jungle Gym Pistol Squats
  4. Alternating Kettlebell Deadlifts
  5. Jungle Gym Hamstring Bicycles
  6. Double Kettlebell Squats

Overall, this was a great workout and a great start to our long weekend.  We were tired, but we motivated each other to push through that fatigue.  This is just one of the benefits of having a great workout partner!

-Tannys & Alex

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