Friday, 25 May 2012

Some strength, some circuit

Hey everyone,

After work, we came home and got ready for our upper body workout.  We wanted to include some strength work, while also focusing on conditioning.  Thus, we chose to do a strength + circuit workout to meet both objectives.

Here's what we did:

Strength - 3 sets each:
  • Parallel grip pulllups (Tannys - bodyweight; Alex - 40kg kettlebell)
  • Bench press (Tannys - 115, 125, 135lbs; Alex - 315, 345, 315lbs)
Circuit - 2 rounds of:
  • Handstand pushups (HSPUs)
  • Reverse pushups
  • Face pulls
  • Low Jungle Gym pushups
  • L-sit pullups

It was a nice combination of strength and conditioning training.  In the strength component, our rep ranges were lower and we tried to pick more challenging weights.  Consequently, we took moderate rest periods in between each set.  In the circuit training, we move quickly between the exercises, performing between 10-20 reps of each.  It certainly had us breathing hard by the end!

- Tannys & Alex

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