Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saturday morning run

Hey everyone,

On Saturday morning, we strapped on our Vibram Five Fingers and headed outside for a run.  We also brought along our ipod, which we discovered has a Nike Fitness+ app which tracks your distance and time.  We find that a weekend morning is a perfect time to run.  The day stretches out in front of you and you can enjoy every moment of your run.  The air is cool and crisp, not yet laden with summer humidity.  The sky is clear and the sun is beginning to sharpen in the sky.

We started out by walking to the edge of the park near our house and then began the run as we moved through its gate.  The streets were mostly deserted as we climbed a hill and then broke into a series of intervals.  These sprints (where we run two light poles, then walk one) are an incredible cardio challenge and can really help burn fat and rev up your metabolism.  They're also really motivating, satisfying and a good measure of your progress over time.

After a great run, we ended at the Parkdale farmer's market and browsed through the fresh fruits, veggies and other local food products.  This is always a great way to finish our morning run on a weekend, as we can grab something healthy and delicious to look forward to later in the day.

It's a way to start off your day with a sense of challenge, accomplishment and feeling healthy and fit.  We encourage everyone to give it a try!

- Tannys  & Alex

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