Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fight Gone Bad - In the Morning

Hey everyone,

The other morning, we woke up before 5:30am and stumbled downstairs.  The impending reality of a Fight Gone Bad workout began to sharpen into painful focus as we wrapped our fingers around the steel handles of the kettlebells...

For new readers, a Fight Gone Bad (FGB) workout is a concept borrowed from CrossFit, where you complete 5 one-minute rounds of exercise, followed by a minute of rest, then repeat through several circuits.  We do a Champion's version, to simulate the 5 rounds of an Ultimate Fighting Championship title fight.

Our morning FGB focused on lower body.  Here's what we did:

  1. Double kettlebell bench step-ups
  2. Alternating kettlebell deadlifts
  3. Pistol squats
  4. Jungle gym hamstring bicycles
  5. Turkish get-ups (TGUs)

Within the first circuit, we were fully awake and very cognizant of the unnatural feeling of this much exertion at this hour.  By the final (5th) round, we were so thrilled to be finishing.  It was a harsh, yet simultaneously awesome way to start the day.  By struggling through the beginning of the workout and giving it 100% to the very last second, we launched into the day, with a sense that nothing could stop us.

- Tannys & Alex

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